Ukraine Compensation Initiative

Omni Bridgeway to assist with recovery of Ukrainian claims related to the conflict with Russia

Ukraine’s economy has suffered immense damage in the recent months. Omni Bridgeway offers to assist parties seeking compensation for losses related to the conflict with Russia, through taking part in the Ukraine Compensation Initiative (the Initiative).


Omni Bridgeway has established a dedicated task force which is monitoring developments and liaising with stakeholders in order to evaluate possible ways forward and keep abreast of the developments that might simplify the compensation of war-time damage caused by Russian invasion.

Such developments may include legislative amendments in various jurisdictions, changes in the case law, new practice of the existing dispute resolution institutions, or a separate tailormade international compensation structure developed in cooperation with the United Nations, Ukrainian, European and U.S. governments.

Omni Bridgeway’s Assistance

Once the parameters of a satisfactory pathway to compensation are determined, and communicated to the participants of the Initiative, Omni Bridgeway will assist clients in documenting, registering and submitting their claims, including those clients who are no longer in Ukraine. Omni Bridgeway’s legal and quantification experts can ensure the claim is strong and supported by persuasive evidence. 

The registered claimants will have priority opportunities for access to funding.

The Eligible Claimants

Criteria for obtaining the assistance of Omni Bridgeway with the recovery will be set out by the eventually developed compensation structure and communicated by Omni Bridgeway in due time. 

Currently any entity (a company or an individual) that has suffered direct economic losses from the actions of Russia that occurred since 27 February 2014, and that has a claim of no less than EUR 1 million, may apply. 

Omni Bridgeway reserves the right to deny access to the Initiative to any applicant at its sole discretion.

How Much Will it Cost to be a Part of the Initiative?

There is no cost to signing up to the Initiative, although the claimants assume certain obligations, most importantly the obligations of confidentiality and exclusivity to Omni Bridgeway for a limited period of time.

It is expected that there will be no upfront cost to working with the Omni Bridgeway team (on a "no success, no fee” approach), including legal counsel and its internal and external experts. If the client obtains actual compensation, Omni Bridgeway will be entitled to a success fee from the amounts collected. The terms of that fee will be set out for review and acceptance by the client before any proceedings start.

How Do I Sign Up?

You can register your interest in taking part in the Initiative and will be updated on key developments as the Initiative progresses. Registration is free and without obligation. Merely registering via this website does not bind you to any contract or commitment. All applications are treated in strictest confidence and any sensitive information will be exchanged in direct contact only.

If you have any queries, you can contact the Omni Bridgeway's Ukraine Initiative Team by email on [email protected]