Williamtown Contamination Class Action Registration

Below we ask for some information regarding your property and business that has been affected by the Contamination. While we ask that you do your best to answer these questions as accurately as possible, don't worry if you do not have a property valuation or full financial records for your business – valuation experts will be engaged as part of the Class Action, and property valuations and business loss assessments will be conducted at the appropriate time.  This information is being sought for IMF's preliminary assessment purposes.  If the Class Action proceeds, additional information regarding the loss that you have suffered will be sought in due course meaning that you will have the opportunity to update and supplement this information if necessary.

Please enter the details of the affected property and/or business in the form below.  Once you have completed this form, IMF will determine whether you are eligible to join. Eligible registrants will be sent a Contract Pack which includes IMF's Litigation Funding Agreement and a Lawyers' Retainer to instruct Gadens on your behalf.

Note: IMF will only use and/or disclose your personal information strictly for the purpose of the Class Action, or as required by the Court or law.  In all other cases, we will seek your consent before disclosing any of your personal information.  All information provided will be dealt with in accordance with IMF's Privacy Policy. You can view details of that policy here.

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